“I would like to say THANK YOU so much!! My son Dalen Seals had such a wonderful time on Saturday night at Runway To Hope. This event was wonderful! All the children including my son Dalen had a chance to forget about the hospital, chemotherapy treatments, and cancer to just be a KID! All the children were escorted with celebrities. Dalen was given a special surprise! He walked down with Jameer Nelson from the Orlando Magic. If you know Dalen you would know that he was in heaven!! Dalen loves basketball!! He was so excited and was making deals with Jameer. Dalen is such a character. At the end of the runway Dalen did a dance! This kid of mine is not shy and loves to entertain. The ballroom was full of Orlando's finest, and Dalen did what he was born to do, ENTERTAIN! As we were leaving the event several guests praised him on his performance; even Bo Outlaw a retired Orlando Magic player. I was so happy for my son last night. He was Dalen the Entertainer! I haven't seen my son like this since December 2012. Happy, Excited, Human! Thank you so much!!
Thank you so much Runway To Hope for a fantastic event and unforgettable night for our children! You are awesome!”

“A night Caleb will NEVER forget. He is already asking "How many days till the next Runway To Hope ?" — Candice Genua ( Mother of Caleb Fornal) May 20, 2013

“Thank you so much for allowing us to participate in this special event. We had an awesome time. We look forward to Runway To Hope again next year." — Dale and Lisa Detter”

“GOOD people dreaming big = Runway To Hope! ᅠ Mark and Josie NeJame, along with their capable team, have made Central Florida's Pediatric Cancer patients and families whole again. Whether the children are fighting their battle with pediatric cancer, have fought their battle or have defeated it, they are united together as one for a spectacular evening each year and year-long, in the hearts of all of those who support RTH's efforts. Our daughter, Evelyn (Evy) Haner, has enjoyed the magic of the runway as a supermodel for 4 years straight! ᅠThis September marked her fifth year cancer-free! ᅠShe wants all of her runway friends to know that with 'hope' anything is possible!” — Mary Verardi, Mother of Evelyn “Evy” Haner

Dr. Sutphin, Runway To Hope, May 2013

“I just had to take the time to congratulate you and the team for such a wonderful event. ᅠIt was truly "out of this world!" ᅠThe joy you all bring to these kids every year is so overwhelming that it cannot be described with a few words. ᅠIt was certainly a night to remember. ᅠYour hard work motivates the children to get through the most difficult situation to be around the following year to celebrate their brave journey. ᅠPlease congratulate the entire team on an excellent job, including the Nielsons! ᅠGod bless you all!” — Minelva Hernandez (Mother of Francheska Rodriguez)

From Rhianna Flores (Mother of Kylee Flores) May 21, 2013:“I am thankful for Runway To Hope and will support them every year if I can” — Rhianna Flores (Mother of Kylee Flores) May 2013

“I was so moved to learn the story of Runway to Hope and Mark and Josie NeJame’s fight against pediatric cancer. ᅠTheir tireless efforts through this incredible organization have offered not only support, but also much needed hope for the many brave children and families fighting this disease. ᅠWe’re privileged to sponsor their annual gala and encourage others to get involved in this worthwhile cause.” — Frank Santos, CFO, Rosen Hotels & Resorts

"Being able to take part in Runway To Hope was a life changing experience. I've never been anywhere fancy in my life, I've never met any local celebrities but at Runway To Hope I was escorted by Amy Kaufedlt from Fox 35! I was barely able to walk then, but I still attempted to wear heels and rip the runway! It gave me so much hope and it was the best experience ever. Not to mention I finally got to use my SeaWorld tickets two weeks ago, (I haven't been to an amusement park since I was 3 years old) and I had such a blast! I got to feed the dolphins, and do a behind the scenes tour. I love animals, and marine life especially. I'm really interested in going scuba diving someday. Before having cancer I was so scared of everything in the world, I never really thought I could be so brave. Now I feel like I can conquer the world."

“Thank you, we've been coming since the first year. It has always been a first-class event, we look forward to it every May.” — Chad Ebbert (Father of Haley Ebbert) May 2013

“Mark and Josie NeJame's dedication and hard work have helped raise a substantial sum of money to support young children afflicted with cancer. The annual event highlights their efforts by showcasing youngsters who so bravely fight this dreaded disease, who can at least for a moment put their struggles aside and enjoy a celebratory atmosphere. ᅠWe'll continue to support their efforts with much enthusiasm!” — Harris Rosen, President & COO, Rosen Hotels & Resorts

“Thank you Runway To Hope for letting my daughter, Isabelle Wade, participate this year! She had just finished a year of chemo a week prior to the runway and her birthday was last Thursday. It was a perfect way to celebrate. She had a blast, and it was awesome to see all the kids I normally see hooked up to ivs having fun!! I hope we can participate next year. All the work all of you do to put this on is amazing!! You all are tremendous heroes to us for making all those kids shine.” Love — Karen Wade

“Thank you!ᅠ Your hard work and efforts to assist our family are greatly appreciated! ᅠLooking forward to seeing Matthew's photo and seeing the video of the event.” — The Nunn family

“Thank you all for always making a magical night for our daughter. We are so please to hear that Runway To Hope did so well this year. Racheal last year for runway will be next year as she will be 18 however she would love to be a part of this afterwards by giving back and helping out behind the scene if possible. As always thank you for all you do for our children.“
-Debbie Don and Racheal Mayerᅠ“

“We would like to thank you... And all those involved in the Runway To Hope experience. ᅠThis will be etched in our hearts forever ... Watching Sara walk down the runway all grown up without out my husband or myself. My husband told me as he was watching her walk his eyes filled with tears and his heart was pounding in his throat remembering just two years prior she was given her diagnosis, 25 pounds lighter and not walking or talking as she battled the side effects from the chemo. She has come a long way and you forget just how much she endured, moments like this make you reflect and appreciate just how strong one little girl can be.
Thank you doesn't seem enough... The day at Neiman Marcus, the volunteers, the photographers, the video montage, the hotel, make up, hair, dinner, the celebrities, auction items and monies raised... The experience of a lifetime.... Watching our little girl blossom and look so strong all the while strangers clapping and cheering for her making her feel like the most special girl in the world... Then watching 90 plus other children and parents experience the same thing. ᅠThank you isn't enough.
They told us when she was diagnosed that some good things and meaningful things would come of this... And they were right. You and all involved should be so proud. You are making a difference, a powerful and inspiring difference.ᅠThank you sincerely from our hearts. “ Sara Desrochers and Family

“Thank you so much for including Tahj. We all enjoyed it very much and will be attending every one from now on. It is just an awesome event. I loved to see all the children light up on that stage.“ — Jennifer Giles, Mother of Tahj Melvin

Runway to Hope / 189 South Orange Avenue, Suite 1800 / Orlando, FL 32801 / 407.802.1544