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At Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, Runway to Hope’s initial $1 million contribution supported Central Florida’s first ever comprehensive Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Program, comprised of a team that provides the full range of medical and emotional support specific to pediatric brain tumor patients during and after their treatment. Runway to Hope completed their initial $1 million pledge in 2016. In 2019, Runway to Hope pledged $381,824.00 to establish a neuro-oncology laboratory at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. This is the next phase of growth as a core of clinical excellence has been built. Runway to Hope is honored to make an investment into their newly established pediatric neuro-oncology translational research program. These dollars will cover start-up costs as well as two years of annual operations ensuring the sustainability and long-term success of this new initiative.

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At AdventHealth for Children, formerly known as Florida Hospital for Children, Runway to Hope has funded the hospital's Pediatric Palliative Care Program, which provides physical, emotional and spiritual support to children and their families who are suffering from pediatric cancer. Runway to Hope has completed their $1 million pledge and has started their new promise of $500,000 in 2017. This new promise funded a portion of the new pediatric oncology floor, which includes 12 large patient rooms, a family lounge, and a play room for patients. This renovation of the hospital wing will provide much needed comfort and top of the line equipment to serve the families living and battling pediatric cancer in this unit. On December 18th, 2017 AdventHealth for Children held their grand opening for the Pediatric Oncology unit and Runway to Hope is honored to be recognized on their brand new playroom door!

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At Nemours Children's Hospital, Runway to Hope funds both the Community Children’s Oncology Program, which is a database that will improve access to leading-edge therapies, research and resources for pediatric cancer patients throughout Northern and Central Florida, as well as the Pediatric Interventional Oncology, which serves cancer patients directly by utilizing rare and advanced imaging technologies for localized treatment. In 2019, Runway to Hope will continue our pledge with Nemours by purchasing a machine that will advance radiological treatments for children battling tumors. Runway to Hope will also fund a Survivorship Program, which will give access to information on how certain patients are treated and how these cancers react to physicians between all three Central Florida children’s hospitals. By sharing this information, doctors can better treat all of the children that will and have battled pediatric cancer.

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