Community Partnerships

Bringing Central Florida Together for One Cause

Central Florida Diaper Bank

Runway to Hope is honored to partner with Central Florida Diaper Bank for our families with children under three years of age. We ensure that our Runway to Hope families applying for assistance with our organization are able to care for their babies who are in need of diapers by referring them to this agency. The Central Florida Diaper Bank is changing lives from the bottom up and Central Florida’s only Diaper Distribution Network. Ensuring our families who have a child battling pediatric cancer have diapers for their children who need them is a huge relief and Central Florida Diaper Bank helps us do this!

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Dobbs Funeral Home

Dobbs Funeral Home and Runway to Hope have partnered together to bring affordable and meaningful celebration of life to our families who lose a child to pediatric cancer. One of our Emerging Leaders Board Members, Brandon Dobbs, is one of the Funeral Directors and works directly with our families to support them during the worst days of their lives. Brandon has advocated for Runway to Hope pricing that is accessible and more affordable to our families who have already been severely financially impacted due to pediatric cancer. We are incredibly grateful to Brandon, not only for his dedication to our Emerging Leaders Board, but to our families whom he works tirelessly to help lay their precious children to rest with dignity.

Duke Energy

Runway to Hope is a proud Agency of Duke Energy. When Runway to Hope grants financial assistance to a Duke Energy customer, this partnership allows us to place a guarantee on their account, which keeps their power turned on until we pay their bill via check in the mail. Unlike other utility companies, this partnership saves us time by not having to call to make the payment over the phone and we can avoid processing fees, since they will accept check payment. We are grateful to be an agency of Duke Energy and help keep the utilities turned on in the homes of children and families battling pediatric cancer!

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Helpful Hands

Helpful Hands mission is to enhance the quality of life of children and families in our local community who are in crisis and we are grateful to put our missions together to make a difference in our Central Florida Pediatric Cancer community. Helpful Hands and Runway to Hope are partnering for our first ever End of Summer Finale & Family Picnic this year by providing Bounce Houses for our children and families battling pediatric cancer.

The Mustard Seed

Runway to Hope, in partnership with The Mustard Seed, provides much needed furniture, clothes, and household items to families in need. We are an agency of The Mustard Seed and are able to help our Central Florida children and their families battling pediatric cancer access their services. Items that have been granted to date include, but are not limited to mattresses, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, essential clothing and even refrigerators and stoves. The Mustard Seed’s vision is that the provision of basic household furniture may set the stage for individuals to achieve restored dignity and self-esteem, enabling them to move ahead and take control of their futures.

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The Orlando Science Center

Runway to Hope continues to look for ways to partner with other nonprofits in our community to align our missions in support of children in need in Central Florida. We are honored to partner with the Orlando Science Center to offer our children and families an escape from their pediatric cancer treatment.

Second Harvest Food Bank

Runway to Hope is proud of our partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank. Through this unique partnership, we are able to provide essential groceries for our Central Florida families with children actively being treated for pediatric cancer. Second Harvest Food Bank is driven to close the gap of unmet need in Central Florida in a variety of effective ways. Their mission is to create hope and nourish lives through a powerful hunger relief network, while multiplying the generosity of a caring community. In addition, they Feed, Empower, Nourish, and Engage the community to help end hunger. Donations are the foundation for creating this opportunity for our families. Did you know that your donation of $15.00 can assist Runway to Hope in providing a freezer full of meats, dairy products for the family’s refrigerator, and a pantry filled with necessary staples such as canned goods, rice, and protein-filled foods?

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