Family Assistance Program

$700,000 Granted to Families Since Creation

Emergency Financial Assistance

We currently operate a Family Assistance Program 365 days a year. Our goal is to sustain this program for years to come by increasing the amount of families served each year.
The Runway to Hope Family Assistance Program has policies and procedures that allow for the cutting of bureaucracy in order to grant emergency assistance within 24-48 hours. With continued financial contributions to Runway to Hope, we will be able to sustain the monetary assistance and make a greater impact within our Central Florida pediatric cancer community.


Largest Grants

Runway to Hope grants the most emergency financial assistance for mortgage and rent payments to help keep a roof over our children and their families during their pediatric cancer journeys. The next highest spend we have is car payments so our families can continue to get to and from treatment. Sadly, a close second to car payments are funeral expenses. Runway to Hope is honored to help lessen the burden of financial expectations for families during the loss of their child to pediatric cancer.

Other Grants

Our organization assists with many other financial burdens that families navigate as well, such as gas to and from treatment, utility payments, and grocery assistance. In 2020, we expanded our Grocery Assistance Program by partnering with Second Harvest Food Bank to bring groceries directly to our families. This program not only reduces extra money spent by the family, but also their time grocery shopping as we are able to do it for them. You can read more about that partnership here.


Who we serve

Currently, Runway to Hope is committed to serving families battling pediatric cancer in Central Florida at one of our three local children's hospitals: Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, AdventHealth for Children and Nemours Children's Health. There are special circumstances where families traveling to or from one of our Central Florida’s children hospitals for treatment are also reviewed.

450 Families Assisted and Counting

Since inception of the Family Assistance Program in 2014, Runway to Hope has granted over $625,600 in direct financial assistance as of December 31, 2020. This means over 450 individual families were granted aid. Due to the long nature of some pediatric cancer treatments, some families have qualified for assistance more than once. Over 500 applications have been approved within six years. Since 2017, the assistance granted per calendar year has been over $100,000.


Did You Know?

Runway to Hope provides direct assistance that is desperately needed by children and families affected by pediatric cancer. For these families, the promise of a future cure isn’t enough. They need help today.

The Most Important Thing

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the entire family suffers. Often one parent has to quit work to care for the child, dramatically reducing the family’s income. Medical expenses and other bills mount quickly; the stress can overwhelm parents and children alike.

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Experience the Magic of Runway to Hope

One of our team’s favorite responsibilities is to provide extraordinary events for our kiddo’s to attend, away from hospitals & treatment centers. Giving them a night to remember and be celebrated by those who love them bring our hearts so much joy. We have several events throughout the year, like our Bloomingdale’s Bash Weekend, Spring Soiree, and Sparkle & Shine 5k, to name a few.

Endless Needs

Our families’ needs are endless and solely funded by philanthropy. We would not be able to provide the financial assistance, support, and FUN that we do without all of YOU! Thank you to all of our supporters for your unwavering support.

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